How To's

Jumping the Ball: To jump a pool ball, you have to get under the cue ball.  Don't angle the stick to downward or you could rip the  fabric.  Keep the stick at about a 45 degree angle or less and hit the under edge of the ball.
Banking: To bank a ball off of the wall, you have to know what angle to do it at.  If you do not angle it correctly, the ball you are banking will not go the way you want to. Some pool tables have markers on the bumpers which will also help with banking but they are not required.  After practicing a lot, it will get easier and easier.
Curving:Curving a pool ball is very difficult.  It will take a long time to master.  To curve, you will have to have a very steep angle at the cue ball, almost straight up and down. If you want to curve the ball left, put the end of your stick at the back of the cue ball and move to the left a little. If done correctly, the ball should move out right a little and come back in left. To curve the cue ball right, just do the opposite of the left.
Single Combination Shot: To do a single combination shot, you have to hit the cue ball into another ball, which hits the next ball into the intended pocket.  To get this right, make sure you see where to hit the second ball with the first ball so that it angles it into the pocket.
Double Combination Shot: A double combination shot is almost just like a single combination shot, except now, there is an extra ball to line up so that it hits the right angle.
Bank-Combo Shot:  A bank-combo shot is where you do a bank shot and somewhere in the middle of the ball being banked, and going in the pocket, there is a combination shot. It may be hard at first, but if practiced, the shot will become easier,  and easier.
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